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I don't live in San Francisco.  Can you still help me?
Absolutely. Clients, therapists and health care practitioners in other cities contact me (Dr. Heather Howard) regularly for clinical sexology referrals in their regions. Since I do not know of anyone else who conducts a similar program for sexuality and pelvic pain, I have found ways to answer this need.

I offer private sessions for counseling and product education over the phone and Skype, and offer private sessions, workshops, and professional training in other cities when possible. For those who are able to make a short visit to San Francisco, I have developed an intensive group workshop and an intensive private treatment program, as follows:


Has your sex life been affected by physical pain or limited mobility?  Do you feel your pleasurable options are limited or nonexistent?

Develop the tools to build and maintain intimacy, connection and pleasure and take charge of your sex life.  If you are an individual or couple experiencing sexual challenges related to health conditions such as pelvic or sexual pain, chronic pain, or limited mobility, you will accomplish the following:

  • identify your sexual goals
  • identify roadblocks to sexual satisfaction
  • learn practical solutions to improve sexual comfort and pleasure
  • expand your sexual options

You will leave with sexual confidence and new tools to enjoy improved intimacy and satisfying sexual activities for both you and your partner. 

Rates: $295 per couple, $155 per individual
When: The next Intensive Group Workshop will take place in San Francisco the fall. Please Contact us to let us know you are interested and we will get in touch with you as soon as a date is set.
If you live elsewhere and would like to sponsor a workshop in your city, please contact us to discuss the option.
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This program is designed for couples who have experienced sexual challenges related to health conditions such as pelvic or sexual pain, chronic pain, or limited mobility. You are your partner can plan a getaway to beautiful San Francisco for a weekend or longer of customized sessions and receive follow-up sessions over the phone or Skype. 

At the end of the weekend, you and your partner will have an understanding of your current and desired sexual patterns, the best approach to teamwork based on your communication styles, and a plan for achieving your goals through home-based exercises.  Perceived obstacles to progress such as fear, pain, shame, frustration, feeling incomplete or dysfunctional as a partner, will be identified and addressed in the program.  Follow-up phone or Skype sessions will provide you with support and encouragement while you are performing your home-based treatments or exercises, and will provide me with the information required to design subsequent exercises. 

In 1 month, you will achieve reduced fear of pain, improved sexual confidence, and satisfying sexual activities for both partners.

How does the program work?   What happens during a session?
I will work collaboratively with you and your partner to help each of you as individuals and as a team to better understand your bodies, your partnership, and your sexual needs and desires.  Through education and assignments geared towards meeting your sexual goals, your sexual confidence and competence will increase and you will be empowered with information and tools necessary to manage your own care and improvement.  You will also better understand your partner and have tools for communicating your needs on an ongoing basis.

The way this works is we figure out what feels safe, comfortable and pleasurable now.  Then we expand your zone of safety, comfort and pleasure. The following are the steps we will take during your visit to San Francisco:

  1. Identify the goals of each individual and the couple as a team
  2. Discuss each partner’s sex and health history and identify any changes that have taken place due to health or other challenges
  3. Map your pleasure and pain patterns
  4. Learn about your past and current sexual patterns as a couple
  5. Identify long-term sexual options and short-term steps to get there

The Short-term steps will be implemented through home-play assignments and follow-up telephone or Skype sessions. Follow-up sessions offer support with the process, keep you on track towards meeting your long-term goals, and allow me to gauge your short-term progress in order to ensure your homeplay assignments are designed appropriately.

All programs are customized and rates depend on the number of hours required to meet your goals. Please contact The Center for Sexual Pain and Rehabilitation for more information.

HOTELS: My office is located in Nob Hill, right on the cable car line and only a 15-minute walk from Union Square in the heart of beautiful San Francisco. For hotels in all price ranges near Union Square, please follow this link to hotels.com.
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If you or your partner have sensitive skin, vulvar pain, or are susceptible to vaginal infections, learning about materials, ingredients, design and function of pleasure devices will be especially important for you. If you have limited mobility or experience other types of pain, finding products that help you maintain sexual positions and reduce pain can enhance your sexual satisfaction and that of your partner. If you are perfectly healthy and are simply seeking products that deliver what they promise so that you don't end up with a nightstand full of expensive junk, I can help you, too!

Schedule a Product Education Consultation for personalized help with identifying what you need and which products will meet your needs. The consultation fee is waived with a minimum purchase, so you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of possibilities to be gained!






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